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About us

Monophasic formulations consist exclusively of stabilised hyaluronic acid – consistent, flexible and spread more uniformly. They are cross-linked in a single step.
Revitrane uses a technique – CPMCPM (Cohesive Polydensified Matrix). The result is a gel with a heterogeneous cross-linking and molecular weight and viscosity lower than other fillers. The properties allow for a more uniform intradermal distribution of the material, making it easier to inject and more malleable. Thanks to the unique technology of double cross-linking of hyaluronic acid at low temperature for a long time, we obtain the maximum combination of HA molecules, safety and stability.

The double crosslinking method consists in combining the molecules and additionally twisting them around each other. This method minimises the risk of allergic reactions.

Revitrane fillers provide long-lasting and natural results thanks to the use of hyaluronic acid of the highest quality. Uniform molecular structure – stabilised HA highly resistant to biodegradation. Molecular structure and shape almost identical to HA found in the human body – biocompatible.

CE 2292, FDA, EDQM certified.

Globally certified devices -ISO 13485, GMP